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Ethereal Auction (9/33) is live — Hello World, 2016

Issue #10 — Sep 17, 2021
Ethereal Newsletter by Zaxarov
Today: Ethereal Auction (9/33) is live — Hello World, 2016
Welcome to the 9th day of 33 day-long Ethereal NFT Genesis collection sale. Today’s auction is for “Hello World” taken in 2016 by Alexander Zaxarov in Lisbon.
Hello World, 2021
Hello World, 2021
Title: Hello World
Edition: 1/1
Year: 2021
Medium: Digital Photography
Size: 4928 x 3264 px, .jpg
Certifiied by Verisart
Ethereal NFT by Alexander Zaxarov
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Alexander Zaxarov

Ethereal is a lifelong and future-oriented NFT art project born at the intersection of the physical and the digital to immortalize the ethereal existence of our planet through 33 digital photographs minted on Ethereum blockchain by Alexander Zaxarov.

Curated by Alexander Zaxarov
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